Young Artists Need To Know The Development Of Drama In France


Drama in France is the successor of medieval drama, a drama that emphasizes dramatic performances, ceremonial and social rituals. Some amateur drama groups that existed at that time were managed by businessmen such as Confrerie de la Passion who had a permanent staging in Paris around 1400. This group had a monopoly under the patronage of the palace until 1598 before being hired by a group of Les Comedians du Roi. In the meantime, if you’re looking for excellent scripts of plays for kids, we suggest you buy them from a website that sells a lot of scripts, so you can find the ones that appropriate for young artists and audiences easily.

French drama has a concept of writing script which tends to combine classical plays with social themes that are associated with the culture of thought of scholars. Major changes occurred around the 1630s when neoclassical theory from Italy entered France. At that time in France, this theory was strongly held and obeyed more than any other country. The basis of the neoclassical theory is:

a) There are only 2 forms of drama, namely tragedy, and comedy which must not be mixed.
b) Drama must contain moral teachings that are presented in an interesting way.
c) The character must describe the general nature, universal and not individual.
d) Maintaining the unity of time, place and event.

Famous French playwright at that time was Pierre Corneille (1606–1684) with works: Horace, Cinna, Polyceucte, and Rodogune; Jean Racine (1639-1699) with works: La Thebaide, Alexandre, Les Plaideurs; Moliere (1622-673) with his works that have been translated into some other countries languages: School of Wives, Doctor of Combination, Shadow Disability, and so on.

In the 18th century, drama in France was monopolized by the government with its Comedie Francaise. They regularly perform comedy and tragedy, while the forms of opera, short drama and burlesque are performed by an Italian drama troupe: Comedie Italienne who usually performs at night markets. Until the end of the 18th century, France became the center of European culture. Neoclassical French drama became a model throughout Europe. The neoclassical tendency is pervasive throughout Europe.

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