Many important things are worth considering when choosing a location for a place to live. Safe and comfortable, both in the home and the surrounding environment, of course, become the main condition You need to make sure as much as possible that the distance between your unit in the Parc Central Residences and your office isn’t too far away.

In finding the right location, there are a few tips to help you make the right decision, such as:

Main Road Conditions

The main road becomes an important access point leading to your dwelling. If it is full of holes, or difficult to reach because it is too narrow for a vehicle, you should consider other locations for residence. Additionally, you can check out the Parc Central Residences due to its easy access from various roads.

Water, Electricity, and Telephone Services

The level of customer satisfaction with these services can be a factor in consideration. You certainly do not want to buy a residence in the area prone to power failure.

Environmental Hygiene.

If the environment where you live is not clean, then your health and that of your family is threatened, especially considering your family will spend more time in this environment. Pay attention to cleanliness in the surrounding environment, including the distance from the residence to the temporary landfill. You must also pay attention to the sewage system too.


The location that is more greening is certainly more interesting. Greening, in addition to maintaining air quality, also provides relaxation for the eyes. You can check out Parc Central condo units if you really want a condo unit with a green environment.

Ease of Transportation

Although residences on a highway or near a road may be more likely to be polluted, this also means that the distance between your residence and the transportation center is also close. A residence near the station, for example, can provide ease of transportation if your vehicle has a problem, or your street is flooded.


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