Although Egyptian cotton bed sheets are one of the best bed sheets, it does not mean that other sheets like Japanese cotton sheets are of much lower quality. Japanese cotton bed sheets can compete with egyptian cotton sheets quite well.

For those of you who want to buy Japanese cotton bed sheets on the internet, here are a few things you can take into consideration:

Choose bed sheets with a minimum thread count of 300

Thread count is a term used to refer to thread links (vertically and horizontally) on every inch of fabric. For example, bed sheets have 300 thread counts, then there are 300 thread links in every one inch of the sheet. According to many sources, the higher the thread count, the better the quality of the bedsheets.

The quality referred to here is the softness and durability of the bedsheets. Well, for Japanese cotton bed sheets, it is strongly recommended to choose with a minimum thread count of 300. You can get this information in the product description section.

Pay attention to the image on the photo and the lighting intensity

Color disclaimer for you to consider lighting your electronic device monitor. So as not to be disappointed with the color of Japanese cotton bed sheets that you buy, always estimate how significant your lighting is. Compare with different lighting.

Buy from a reputable seller

Find out the experiences of people who have already purchased Japanese cotton bed sheets from a particular shop or e-commerce. Even more so in the digital age like now, you just visit the web browser to look for their testimonials. If at least 85% of them give positive feedback, don’t hesitate to buy from there.

After paying attention to the things above, are you even more convinced to buy Japanese cotton sheets? We recommend you to take your time, and consider multiple choices of bed sheets while you also need to buy it from a trusted store.


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