Criminals roam around looking for victims. Whether in the form of pickpocketing, mugging, fraud, or sexual harassment, many crimes occur on the streets, and we can become victims. Even the perpetrators did not hesitate to injure the victim with a sharp weapon. Meanwhile, if someone accused you of attacking them but it’s not true, perhaps you want to hire Gary Rohlwing criminal lawyer.

As users of vehicles and roads, of course, we have to be careful. There is nothing wrong with being alert and preparing yourself to avoid danger.

Preparation before driving is very important to make sure your trip is safe. Better to prevent than cure. Here are some tips you can do:

Make sure the condition of the vehicle

The vehicle you use must be in top condition, so there is no possibility of breaking down or being damaged on the road. Stopping in the middle of the road because there is a problem with the vehicle certainly opens up opportunities for crime.

Avoid leaving the house without urgent needs

One way to avoid it is not to leave the house without essential needs. Try not to be on the road until late at night. Amid conditions like today, ideally, you should leave the house at 7 pm when the atmosphere is still ‘live’ If you have to, try not to travel alone. Try together with other riders at least two to three motorbikes. If you are still in doubt, it is better not to travel.

As much as possible, don’t go alone

If you want to go somewhere far away or you’ve never been, try not to go alone as much as possible. People who are alone have a greater risk of becoming a victim, especially if you seem confused looking for the address you want to go to. You can immediately become a target for scammers or other bad guys. If you are a woman, try to be accompanied by a man.


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