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For people who live or have activities in the middle of the city, living in an apartment is often an option. Living in an apartment is often seen as more practical. Furthermore, apartments are generally located near important public places. No wonder apartments are now increasingly in demand, what else with the various facilities offered. But, choosing an apartment shouldn’t be arbitrary, you know! Several things must be considered in choosing an apartment, especially for beginners. Meanwhile, you may also check out Shapoorji Joyville Hadapsar to see an excellent apartment.

Well, for those of you who don’t want to make the wrong choice, consider carefully these tips for choosing an apartment:


In choosing an apartment, the location of the building is the main thing that must be considered. You want to find the one near convenient facilities. Not only that, make sure you choose an apartment with a location that is easily accessible by public transportation so you don’t have to bother with mobilizing. If several apartments are both strategically located, you can compare them again from the distance to public facilities, vehicle access, and potential traffic jams on the route around the apartment.

Search as needed

For beginners, there are 3 types of apartments that you need to know, namely full furnished (ready to be occupied), unfurnished (no furniture at all), and semi-furnished (there is some furniture). The size of the apartment should also be considered before choosing an apartment. Starting from a studio 22 m2, 1 bedroom 34 m2, and two bedrooms 39 m2. Don’t let you choose an apartment that is ‘wow’ just because of prestige.

Pay attention to the facilities available

Of course, we have to look at all the facilities available in the unit before choosing an apartment. For those who choose semi-furnished or furnished apartments, make sure that the facilities available in the unit are still in good condition, safe, and comfortable. You know this is important to support your daily activities!


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