The presence of a fountain can make the atmosphere so calm and relaxed when we are at home. The fountain can be a focal point for the garden at home. Water fountains nowadays are also sophisticated, and you can even save more energy and power bill by using the AquaPro Solar Pump.

If you want your fountain to be okay, you need to consider a few things carefully like the following:

Shape and Size

Determine the shape and size of the fountain you want. What are the area, scale, and shape of the garden in your house so that everything will be in harmony. Generally, the shape of the fountain is round with legs high enough. Well, this height you should pay attention to in order to stay balanced with other elements in the park.

You also need to adjust the shape of the fountain with the style of the garden. In this case, the shape of a fountain can vary, from traditional, ethnic, exotic forms to pagoda-like shapes that can be applied to Japanese-style gardens or human and animal-shaped if your garden is Mediterranean-style.


Laying or positioning of the fountain determines the park’s focal point. So, pay attention to the shape of your garden as a whole so that the position of the fountain still supports the principle of beauty (aesthetics).

If you choose the shape of a round fountain, it will look more beautiful if you place it in the middle of the park. As a sweetener, put small plants around it. Make sure the fountain is in the right position in the middle so it doesn’t look asymmetrical, which can disturb the view and aesthetics of the park.


The material you use to make the fountain needs to be adjusted to the theme of the park. You can make stone, clay, or ceramic material in accordance with the area that you will place. Material made of ceramic, you can use for a fountain in the house or terrace near the yard. If the material is stone and clay, it is suitable for outdoor fountains.

Do not forget you also note that the fountain material will give nuance of color to the garden.


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