The number of companies that need content writers for the needs of websites, especially start-ups, makes writers increasingly sought after by many people. Previously, this profession was still considered as a hobby. But, like any other profession, there are things you need to consider before starting your career as a freelance writer. As a writer, you need to have several works such as blogs or articles that you have made. Well, you should prepare your portfolio of writing with complete. There are so many special websites to make your portfolio simple in digital or website form. Working alone is sometimes fun. But, even if you work individually, you have to keep in touch with other writers. For example, by working in a co-working space, joining a group of freelancers, attending workshop classes and so on. Surely the connection you get will be more and more.

Hence the name freelance worker, sometimes it is we who have to offer our services in such a way as to be ogled by clients. Although many companies are looking for freelancers for their companies but getting it is also not as easy as imagined. Don’t give up easily in choosing clients. Finding clients is not easy, and therefore you must often socialize with many people. Who knows who needs your services right?

Always improve your writing skills is important. Now, as a service provider, surely you want to get a credible client? Therefore, it’s good you are not only proficient in writing but also proficient in other sciences. Of course, related to writing, writing, for example, mastering Search Engine Optimization (SEO) where the knowledge is quite popular and very needed. Well, what about trying to be a contributor to Opportunities Planet. Being a freelance worker does look fun, but has the same responsibilities as heavy as office work. Before trying to jump right into a professional freelance writer, you can try writing on Opportunities Planet.