Why It Is Okay to Play Game?


Although the mother is often shouted at because of playing the game continuously, it turns out that the benefits of the game are many. There are more positives than negatives, especially at this time of physical distancing. Unfortunately, many people misunderstand gamers. Games are not just for kids. Games like PUBG Mobile and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang have a fairly high level of difficulty and visual quality that is not kidding. So playing teen patti game online is the perfect escape to fill your boredom at home.

Not to mention The Sims and GTA whose intrigue and visuals are made exactly like the real world. Neko Atsume, Angry Birds, and Animal Crossing exist on social media as alternative games that are suitable for everyone, especially for children. In fact, old school video games like Tetris and Pac Man are also on the rise in this uncertain situation. How about you, what game is your mainstay to accompany this moment of isolation? Not only negative, there are lots of studies that prove the benefits of games for your mental health and brain development.

Playing video games can increase brain size, and even strengthen your memory and motor skills. Playing games online or offline for at least 30 minutes a day has even been proven to improve the quality of life! It’s really amazing, right? To understand in more detail about the benefits of playing games for learning in the real world, first read this article to the end.

Games are very useful for diverting the mind, thereby reducing stress. The game also prevents you from feeling paranoid when reading all the negative news circulating out there. The benefit of the next game is that it can make you more creative. The game displays visuals and requires you to be good at strategizing to complete missions, so that your right brain is sharpened. The right brain itself is in charge of regulating creativity, innovation, and imagination. So, you can use this fact as self-defense when your mother or boyfriend grumbles to see you playing games.

Online games such as Mobile Legend: Bang Bang, PUBG, Dota 2, and Animal Crossing which are currently popular, require you to interact with other players. Automatically, you are challenged to socialize or make friends with new people to complete missions. It’s cool to increase your rank while making new friends, why not?

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