An essential aspect of keeping a clean and healthy house is carpet cleaning. But it happens frequently for homeowners to get unexpected results from carpet care specialists. The “crispy” sensation some carpets get after cleaning is one of the most perplexing problems. Our customers have asked us at carpet cleaning mosman many queries concerning this occurrence. We’ll explain why your carpets could feel crunchy after cleaning them in this article, along with some prevention tips.

Reasons Why Clean Carpets Feel Crispy

After washing, the most frequent cause of crunchy carpets is inadequate water or cleaning solution extraction. When carpets are cleaned, the fibers are treated with water and cleaning solutions before being removed with a strong vacuum. If the rug is not dried enough or the vacuum needs to be more powerful enough, some residue could be left behind, giving the carpet a crunchy or hard texture.

The cleaning solution may have needed to be adequately diluted, another reason carpets may feel crunchy after cleaning. Various carpet cleaning solutions have multiple strengths; some need more water to be effective. If the answer is not diluted correctly, it may leave a soapy or sticky residue that causes the fibers to stiffen.

How to Stop Carpets from Getting Crunchy After Cleaning

Hiring a reputable carpet cleaning company like Carpet Cleaning Mosman is the best way to avoid crunchy carpets after cleaning. Our specialists will adequately clean and dry your carpets using cutting-edge tools and eco-friendly cleaning agents.

Here are some suggestions to prevent crunchy carpets if you choose to clean your carpets by yourself:

Observe the cleaning product and dilution ratio directions provided by the manufacturer.
As much water as you can should be extracted using a superior vacuum.
Turn on a fan or the air conditioner to hasten the drying process.
Before the carpet is entirely dry, avoid walking on it.
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