Which Industrial Sectors Benefit From Machine Learning?


The use of machine learning in any industry will definitely be very beneficial for process improvement and product quality. The technology industry is arguably the one that needs machine learning the most. Even this has been applied in everyday life. For example, mobile phones that have facial recognition features to virtual personal assistants like Siri on iPhone or Google Assistant on Android, or search results from search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!. Get more info about computer vision datasets on our website.

Not only the technology industry has benefited from machine learning, but also the automotive, banking, and even medical industries. For example, in the health application there is a chatbot feature that can detect the disease you are suffering from only from the complaints submitted. After the smart feature detects the potential disease you are suffering from, the machine will advise you to see the relevant doctor or hospital that has the capability to carry out further physical examinations.

Meanwhile in the automotive world, industrial machine learning will help companies to carry out quality control, spare part production, machine maintenance, to create automatic control cars. Machines that have been trained can speed up the production process of goods and reduce the occurrence of failures and can even detect product quality or defects. Automated driving is also a more complex application of machine learning technology. The machine can detect road conditions, traffic lights, and other sensors.

Then, in the banking industry, machine learning machines are usually used to predict fraud so that they can protect banks from online money theft, fake transactions, and account break-ins.

Machine learning is a smart technology that can make your job easier. One branch of artificial intelligence can be trained according to the needs of the industry that wants to develop it. The fast production process and good quality assurance are the main points that benefit from using this technology.

We have encountered machine learning itself in everyday life, especially for those of you who often use cellphones. However, not only the technology industry will benefit, but there are many more industries that can be optimized through intelligent industrial machine learning technology.

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