Do you know that guacamole sauce is avocado sauce? That’s right, you didn’t read it wrong. Guacamole sauce is a typical Mexican-style sauce that uses avocado base ingredients. This sauce is common in a Mexican restaurant. It can even be said that 98% of the ingredients are avocados. Maybe for many people, it’s very simple because only avocados are crushed and then made into sauce. But it’s better not to be quick to draw conclusions. Logically, it will be difficult when simple food can become a culinary icon of a country unless simple food does have its own characteristics. Whether it’s characteristic in its presentation or in its taste. In terms of guacamole sauce, it seems that what makes this sauce so well known that even out of Mexico is the way it is served.

The way of serving this guacamole sauce is quite unique because it can be used in a variety of snacks. Can be used on tacos. Or as a dressing on nachos. Or it can also be a complement to dishes that are served by the customer, be it fish, meat, bacon, and so forth. Moreover, coupled with the taste of guacamole sauce that can be adjusted to the needs. Before talking about flavors, it’s better to know first about the process of making guacamole sauce. This sauce is made beginning with crushing or smoothing avocados. Destroying and smoothing have a different meaning.

When you want to enjoy a sauce that has a smooth texture, then smoothing avocados is the answer. Meanwhile, if you want to still be able to feel the texture of the avocado, then it’s better to destroy the avocado alone. Then the processed avocado is added with lemon juice or lime juice. To add color, you can add diced tomatoes. Can also be used to adjust the foreigner’s tongue, with salt added. The taste arises from the guacamole sauce according to the ingredients that have been mixed. Actually the basic taste is sweet and savory. However, if you want to be more acidic, you can add a mixture of lemon juice or lime juice. If you want it spicier, you can add jalapeno peppers.


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