Using Auto Clicker Quickly


Auto clicker is an application that can click or perform scroll movements automatically. There are many types of auto clicker applications that you can download and use for free. Those of you who are new to the auto clicker application may be a little confused when using the auto clicker application. Therefore, you can read this review to find out how to use the free auto clicker.

How to use this auto clicker is almost the same, even though you use a different brand of auto clicker application. Here are some steps on how to use the auto clicker application:

Install the auto clicker apps. You can find a lot of auto-clicker applications option.
Open the Auto Clicker application that you have downloaded, then you can determine the target model you are using.
If you want automatic tap-tap on one point or one button only, then define a single target model. But if you want to do automatic scrolling or sliding, then choose a multi-target model.
Press the settings on the model you specify, then you can adjust the settings you expect first.
Press the Activate button on the desired model, if you specify a single target model then you can first point the blue circle to the button you want to press and then press the play button.
If you specify a multi-target model, then tap ‘Activate’ and the + button to add the point you want to click. Click the + button again if you want to add a click point, you can drag the dots to match the button and then press the play button
You can press the pause button to stop the auto clicker application running.

So many articles on how to use the auto click application. If you find this article useful, you can share it with your friends.

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