Conducting recruitment of course not only aims to fill vacant positions or just to add employees, but also to get people who can have a good influence on the company or participate in the development of the company. In recruiting employees, most companies will hand over this task to HR but when HR has got a lot of responsibilities or is doing a lot of work, usually the company will work with a recruitment agency or you can also call it a nationwide recruiter. Thus the company can focus more on advancing the company and not focus too much on the recruitment process because it has been carried out by a team of experts. The company will only receive the results. But if the company is not satisfied with the work of the candidate chosen by the agency, the agency will provide a new candidate. In essence, the agency will be fully responsible for the candidates it gives to the company.

That way the company will not lose and cooperation with the recruitment agency will also be better. As we know that the recruitment process, it takes a long and certainly tiring process. Therefore, it is a good decision when the company takes the attitude to hand over the task to a team of experts or a recruitment agency. As explained above employee recruitment is not only to fill vacant positions but the candidate must be able to provide a good effect for the company.

Because of this, the recruitment process will usually be carried out in such a way as to get the right candidate to fill the position that is currently needed by the company. By using on behalf of the company, the recruitment agency will mention. Informing openly to the general public that the company needs manpower for certain positions


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