Types Of Wall Fungus To Watch Out For


Not only mold in the bathroom, one of the problems that often damage the beauty of the house is the appearance of wall fungus. Usually, mold is very susceptible to growing on damp and poorly maintained walls. You should regularly use water carpet cleaner services if you don’t have enough time to clean the walls and tiles at home.

Wall fungus itself consists of various types, and each has a different impact on human health. Not only spoil the appearance of the house, but moldy walls can also affect the health of you and your family. To understand it more clearly, identify the various types of wall fungus and the health risks they carry:

1. Aspergillus Mushroom
Aspergillus is one of the most common types of fungus found on house walls and fabrics. This mushroom has a characteristic brown to black color. Based on the level of danger to health, this fungus falls into groups A and B. If allowed to continue to grow on the wall, Aspergillus fungus can cause several health diseases such as respiratory infections, inflammation of the lungs, to allergies.

2. Cladosporium mushroom
Cladosporium fungus is found in both cold and warm places. This fungus can infect various types of materials such as carpets, fabrics, wood, to brick walls. If the moldy walls in your home are growing with moss and are brown, gray, or black in color, it could be a Cladosporium fungus growing. This type of fungus belongs to classes B and C and is one of the worst air pollutants that can interfere with the respiratory system.

3. Penicillium Mushroom
Penicillium is also a type of fungus that is harmful and usually grows on walls. Actually, Penicillium is often used as an antibiotic in the world of health. However, when growing on the walls of the house, this fungus can still be considered harmful. Based on the level of influence on health, this type of mushroom is included in groups B and C. The characteristics of the Penicillium mushroom itself are characterized by colors such as blue, green, yellow, to black. For health, this fungus can cause skin irritation and respiratory problems.
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