Many cellphone accessories have started circulating in recent years, starting from pop sockets, handgrips, hangers, tempered glass, and also case covers. but what is more important than the types of cellphone cases that function not only to beautify the appearance of the cellphone but also to protect the cellphone so that it remains safe and not damaged. When we buy a cell phone case, we will be presented with which one the counter person wants, we must recognize which cell phone case is appropriate and also good and of course safe for use and also safe for our cellphones. This time I will tell several types of cell phone cases that are already circulating in our market and also their advantages, so when buying a cellphone case you are not confused anymore and can make the right choice through our official website at

Softcase from has a nice shape made of rubber and is thicker than silicone, soft case is usually clear and flexible which is perfect for protecting the backside of your cellphone from being scratched more precisely. Made of thermoplastic polyurethane material which is still classified as a plastic descendant. The materials used for these accessories are stronger, more flexible, and have a longer service life. This case is usually sold in various designs and we can also design our custom case to beautify the appearance of the case without reducing its function as a cellphone protector. The weakness of this case is its color which can change to yellow. This is because the Softcase has a larger pore texture so that dirt can enter at any time.

AntiCrack has the same form of function as Softcase in general, the thing that distinguishes between Softcase and Anti crack is that on the top and bottom corners there are protrusions that serve to protect the side of the cellphone when it falls so that it doesn’t hit or bounce and the 4 sides of your cellphone are wrapped in jelly thick and elastic. So that it can reduce the damage that occurs to the cellphone when it falls, such as abrasions or cracks. Similar to Softcase, anticrack can also turn yellow due to dirt and sweat on your hands that stick to your anticrack and Softcase.


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