The equipment used in the operation of a business certainly requires maintenance. Equipment maintenance is also held for the benefit of the company. Companies certainly want more productivity. If the equipment does not get good maintenance from the operator with vapro opleiding training, later the equipment will be damaged and it will hamper the company’s productivity. In maintenance activities there are also several types which are categorized according to the time and condition, these types of maintenance include:

1. Breakdown Maintenance (Treatment when damage occurs)

Breakdown maintenance is maintenance carried out after damage to the machine or work equipment, which causes the machine to not operate normally or to stop completely at a sudden time. Preferably, this maintenance breakdown is avoided because it can result in losses from not operating this equipment/machine. If the equipment cannot be used, the company cannot be productive either.

2. Preventive Maintenance
Preventive maintenance is often referred to as preventive maintenance, which includes preventive maintenance, carried out before damage has occurred. Usually, periodic checks are carried out, scheduling is carried out for inspection and cleaning or replacement of spare parts regularly and periodically. Preventive maintenance consists of two types, namely:

a. Periodic Maintenance

Periodic maintenance is usually scheduled routine maintenance, which is usually done in engine cleaning, engine inspection, engine oiling, and also replacement of spare parts if any need to be replaced to avoid sudden engine damage and result in the engine not being able to operate. Regular maintenance is usually carried out every day, once a week, monthly, or yearly.

b. Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance is maintenance carried out to anticipate failure before the occurrence of total damage. Predictive maintenance will check through the analysis of the behavior trend of the machine/work equipment. With this trend analysis can predict when there will be damage to the machine in certain components. predictive maintenance will look more at the condition of the machine.


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