Developing a business does require total effort. You must be able to adapt your business to market trends and updates. Therefore, you need tools that can increase business sales, especially online business.

Marketing tools can be your weapon in selling online and winning business competitions. Contains strategies or tools in product marketing, many marketing tools that you can use to manage your business.

By choosing the right using content in marketing, you can determine the best business strategy to compete with competitors. Several choices of excellent marketing tools in 2021. Check out the reviews below!

1. Google Analytics
Google Analytics provides information that you can use, regarding the information on the amount of traffic, website visitors, and evaluating the performance of content. As a website analytics platform, Google Analytics helps you understand what your website visitors want.

2. Trello
Unlike Google Analytics, the Trello platform helps you manage to-do lists with other coworkers. Trello is a must-have for business owners, to establish well-structured teamwork.

3. Yoast SEO
Operating in a landing page optimization way, Yoast SEO provides specific keywords for you to use before creating content. These keywords will determine the ranking of your business content on Google as well as the potential readability of website pages.

The purpose of applying Yoast is to make your website content appear in the first ranking of search engines. What’s more, this plugin helps you monitor the readability of your website’s pages, and provides a Flesch Reading Ease score.

4. HubSpot Marketing
HubSpot provides tools you can use to market your business, such as pop-up forms, web forms, and live chat. This platform helps you in conducting email marketing campaigns, transacting your data to CRM (Customer Relationship Management), as well as analyzing the perpetrators of your website visitors.

There is an ease of marketing automation performance when using this HubSpot. Your efforts include managing social media, content production, email performance, and helping to connect with leaders.


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