Creambath is a type of hair treatment that can provide good nutrition for the scalp. Usually, hair salons often offer this type of treatment to their customers so you can try it well and make your hair more shiny and healthier. Not only that, but usually the hair salon will also use the best massage cream specifically for hair. In addition, where this treatment process the skin will be massaged gently so that the vitamins of the massage cream can be able to absorb well on the scalp. For the duration of this massage can be said to be longer than the hair mask. Besides creambath, you can do this at the hair salons.

– Hair Coloring
Next is hair coloring. Where this type of hair care is also very popular with many people both teenagers and adults. The reason is by coloring your hair according to your desires and tastes, it will certainly display a different impression so that you can appear more confident again. There are many types of colors that you can choose such as black, brown, marron and so on. If you want to get maximum and better results, you can visit the nearest hair salon according to your wishes. However, before you choose a color and do hair coloring then you can consult your hairstylist in advance about the choice of hair color so that later the results can match your skin color.

In addition, hair coloring is one of the hair colorings that is done permanently. The material used usually does have a bad odor. Why is that? because this hair dye material contains ammonia so it has a smell like that. Not only that, but the process of hair coloring can also take up to hours so that the color can stick well in your hair. Therefore, for those of you who want to do treatments like this, you should be able to spend a lot of time so that the process can be done well.


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