Toilet Triumphs: Handy Hints for Repair and Setup


Ever stopped to consider how essential your toilet is? Of course, until something goes amiss. We might not sing its praises daily, but when this household staple encounters a hiccup, it’s evident how crucial it is. Whether you’re grappling with a minor issue or pondering a complete installation, sometimes the task requires more than a DIY spirit. And yes, for those bigger challenges, professional plumbers are your go-to. But for the avid DIY-er or the curious homeowner, here are some top tips to ensure your porcelain throne reigns supreme.

Know When to Call the Pros: While it’s admirable to want to handle things yourself, some tasks require a skilled touch. Persistent leaks, major blockages, or a complete overhaul? Get on the phone and ring up your trusted plumber.

Keep Tools on Hand: A plunger, wrench, and a toilet snake are essential tools. A good plunger can resolve minor clogs, while the toilet snake is ideal for those deeper, more stubborn blockages.

Check the Flapper: A common cause for a running toilet is a worn-out flapper. If your toilet seems to be in a perpetual flush, inspect the flapper. Replacements are inexpensive and can be done with ease.

Toilet Installation – Level it Right: If you’re diving into an installation, ensure your toilet sits level. An uneven toilet can lead to leaks or even breakage. A simple carpenter’s level can be your best friend in this process.

Seal the Deal with a Good Wax Ring: When installing, never skimp on a good wax ring. This component ensures a watertight seal between the toilet base and the drain. If placed incorrectly or if it’s of poor quality, you’re looking at potential leaks.

Mind the Bolts: Over-tightening can be as bad as under-tightening. While you want to ensure everything’s secure, going overboard can crack the porcelain.

Routine Checks: Every few months, give your toilet a once-over. Check for cracks, inspect the tank components, and ensure there’s no water around the base. Regular monitoring can prevent small issues from snowballing.

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