For employees who work in offices, it is not uncommon to spend almost 8 hours at the office sitting at work while staring at a computer screen. Maybe it looks relaxed and not tiring. Even though sitting all day for a long time can be dangerous for your health, ranging from headaches, obesity, the risk of developing cancer and heart disease, to the risk of having high blood pressure. In addition, sitting for too long can also injure the spine and can make blood flow not smooth. Additionally, there is more info at if you’re looking for experts to improve your company management system.

Not only that but sitting all day will also make you feel uncomfortable and bored. However, you don’t need to worry, because there are tips so that sitting all day is not harmful to health that is easy to do, including:

Sit Upright

Not a few office employees whose bodies become stooped because of bad habits while sitting all day in front of the computer. When sitting, keep your body straight. The position of the elbows is not disturbing, but parallel to support the table. To keep your back from slouching, you can put a pillow to prop your back. So, even when leaning still comfortable.

Walk Every 1 Hour

Healthy tips so that sitting all day is not harmful to health, namely by walking every 1 hour. If needed, you set an alarm to remind you to get up and take a short walk every 1 hour in between your work. You can walk to the toilet, stop by the pantry, take a walk around the office, or just walk in place. So that the calories in the body can be burned and blood flows smoothly. So that work can be more comfortable.

Align the Top Edge of the Monitor with Your Eyes

Check again the position of your monitor screen. According to Dr. Jim Sheddy, director of the Vision Performance Institute at Pacific University, the back position of the monitor should be at eye level. So that when working, for example when typing, the eyes are simply lowered 10 degrees. Position the monitor that is too low can cause neck and back pain. If the position of the monitor is too high, it can cause dry eyes.


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