Many people want to be a leader in a company, maybe you are one of them. But keep in mind, a career journey from the bottom to get to the top in the company’s organizational structure is not easy. You need leadership skills, hard work, and certain criteria. Do not assume that these criteria are innate or born talent. But the result of a long process and consistency of a person. Anyone can be a leader, no matter from whom or from whom. If it deserves to be lined up as a leader, then that position can be achieved.

Here are some tips for becoming an ideal leader in a company, including:

1. Be a Good Role Model

All your actions will determine how they behave. Therefore, as a leader, you must set a good example for subordinates. Just say, you want to have a team that is disciplined with time, both when you come to the office to attend a meeting or meeting, and others. Even so with other matters, such as how to dress and talk. The point is, start everything from yourself. Lead yourself before leading others. If you can be consistent with this, then congratulations, you have fulfilled one of the ideal leader criteria.

2. Make Yourself a Leader, Not a Boss
The way to distinguish between leaders and bosses is to see how the team behaves towards you. A leader, when he gives orders, is not just giving orders. More than that, he has humility, is open to discussion, accepts criticism and suggestions for the common good as well as the company. The attitude of the leader like this is usually very preferred by subordinates. They will feel happy and proud because they are involved in making decisions. That way, they will show respect for you.


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