Magic is not always safe. Some tricks require courage and even have very dangerous risks. There are so many unwanted events that happen when magicians are playing a particular trick or routine. You can still see magic action that is safe and very suitable for children on the gold coast magician.

Often when you are playing magic in front of a crowd you are asked to repeat or play your magic game again. For that, never be tempted because if you do the same game or trick twice in a row, maybe the secret of your trick will be revealed by other people who see it. Avoid it by doing a new trick or saying that you want to do it again, but unfortunately, the magician’s law forbids that.

Whenever there is a move that you must hide from the viewer’s view, try to misdirect the audience. This can be done in many ways as I wrote earlier. For example by making eye contact, or doing something that will move their attention elsewhere.

Don’t let the audience see your preparation. When you attend an event to appear to play your magic game, make preparations before the event starts and don’t do it “immediately”. Before attending the event, take a quick trip to the bathroom or a separate room to check everything and all of your equipment. It would look very bad if when suddenly you are asked to do a trick, you have to turn around and prepare first.

Pay attention to the mirror or the audience that may be behind you. Use all means not to reveal the secrets of your tricks, either by poor performance or by telling the whole thing even though you are forced to do so by some spectators.

The things above, of course, you often experience. As is the case with other magicians, they are often forced by the audience to teach them a trick being played at the time. And do the things above to avoid various kinds of risks that you don’t want when you do a magic game.


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