The buyer is king, the old saying goes. Like it or not, this adage is actually quite enough to describe the relationship between business owners and their buyers (customers). One of the things that makes a company grow and progress is the loyalty of customers who always come back to buy goods or use services. Of course there are tricks to being able to have loyal buyers or customers, one of which is customer service, which is always ready to help and provide information to customers. Meanwhile, you may also need the 10minute phone number for the contact your customer.

Luckily, you can learn customer service skills while pursuing a career. Even though your position in the office is not as a customer service but it doesn’t hurt to know the basic skills of this one. Even manager level can be faced with situations that have to face clients or customers directly, so learning a little about customer service will not make you lose, really. For starters, you can try a few tips to become good customer service below, huh!

Respond with an incoming call

Often let the phone ring long and not lift until the ringing stops? If you have this habit, any business or field of work will be difficult for you to conquer if you don’t want to change it. Lifting an incoming call is identical as a customer service task, even though any level in the office will definitely get incoming phone calls from various parties. Responding with incoming calls is the first thing first in the field of customer service and any business, because you will never know the opportunity or important news what will be delivered by the caller on the other side.

Try to use positive language

The second tip, as a good customer service you need to get used to using positive language. Even though there must be a statement that contradicts customer expectations, you must learn to replace the vocabulary to make it sound more positive and not bring deep disappointment to the customer.


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