One of the most important parts of machine tools is the screw. Of all the screws in business used for motion, ball screws offer distinctive advantages compared to different standards, like roller screws or acme screws. A ball screw may be a device comprised of a shaft and a nut wherever either of which may be the traversing element. Ball screws work like the ball bearings, wherever hardened steel balls move on associate degree inclined-hardened inner and outer race. With a minimum of 90 % efficiency, the ball screw is one of the best ways to convert the rotary motion to be linear motion with high precision. However, without proper maintenance then a ball screw thrust bearing service will often need. Even though a repair cost less than a replacement for the ball screw, it is better to give better maintenance to the part because it could affect the machine.

Of all the screws in industry and business and used for motion, ball screws offer distinctive advantages compared to different standards, like the roller screws or acme screws. Here are 3 of the advantages of using ball screws in your future applications.

– Efficient and high accuracy. Ball screws usually operate at a minimum of 90% efficiency that makes them associate degree optimum alternative in changing rotary motion into exactitude linear motion. The lack of sliding friction also helps in improving the accuracy of this particular screw.

– Load Capabilities. A vicinity of what makes ball screws versatile in numerous industries is their ability to carry and hold the remarkably heavy load at a quick and stable condition. This also results in efficient speed of overall machine that could cut off production time, thus making it very efficient.

– Cost-Efficient. Within the long-term, ball screw systems will be a cheaper and preferable choice compared to hydraulic or pneumatic systems that need constant electrical and assemblage.


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