It is known that the bow was used by humans thousands of years ago. Bows appear in a cave wall painting in western Europe, which is 30,000 years old. Other evidence says the bow began to be used as a tool for hunting and fighting starting in the Paleolithic era. Bow material was first made of bone and wood, plus a rope, muscle, or other flexible material that was tied between the two ends. Bone and wood material was used as the main material for bows and arrows in a very long time until finally found other materials that are harder, lighter, and more flexible. Arrows are made of various materials, first made of wood that is burned, then stone and bone, until finally made of metal. Around 1500 BC, bows were found combined with various materials (wood, bones, and muscles), which were then glued together to increase their strength and natural elasticity. This is the origin of some of the absolute survivalist best crossbows that we can buy and use today.

In America, bows and arrows determine the movement of history. Both tools of war greatly affect the people who live in the Great Valley (Great Basin), and the Great Plains (Great Plains). Indian tribes make a very accurate bow because sometimes when they hunt they can only shoot one arrow at the game, other than because they hunt by walking.

Bows made by the Great Basin community generally use local materials such as ash, forest mahogany, and yew. The bow is then supported by animal muscles to increase the strength of the shot and prevent the pull from being easily broken. Bowstrings are usually made of muscle, although some are made from deer intestines and fruit, raw skin, plant fibers, and hair.
The arrows of the Great Basin community are made of solid wood such as chokecherry, wild rose, and willow. The feather used at one end of the arrow, which serves to provide aerodynamic stability, is made from bird feathers. Indian society usually prefers to use large-sized bird feathers, such as geese, eagles, and storks.


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