The growing crypto asset industry in Indonesia is accompanied by a shadow of fraud, so it must be more careful. Authorities that regulate financial services themselves have discovered allegations of fraudulent crypto-asset investment Ponzi schemes. The following is a description of the Crypto CashFlow Review regarding the concept of their criminal mode.

Where the higher the profit that may be obtained, it will be in line with the risk that may be obtained. This is a step that needs to be supported to be aware of suspected fraudulent Ponzi schemes or crypto asset investment money games.

From the side of the transaction, it has been officially regulated by the authorities, starting from the purchase of crypto assets to the types of tokens/coins that are allowed. So, there is no indiscriminate investment that is increasingly spreading.

So far, the emerging cases have not stopped ordinary people from investing in crypto assets. It will also not turn a blind eye and try to take precautions so it doesn’t happen again.

Investments in illegal or fraudulent crypto assets often work differently. Among them promise a steady income and promise bonuses from getting new members (Ponzi scheme).

There are also modes such as the lure of getting prizes/airdrops, and the mode of receiving fund management with large returns in a short time. Fraud and then fake accounts as exchange managers and fundraisers.

These perpetrators will take advantage of the public’s ignorance to deceive by way of the lure of giving very high and unreasonable returns. The public is asked at first to deposit their funds.

The identity of crypto developers needs to be investigated before starting to invest in them. In cryptocurrencies, crypto developer doxing is a good thing, that means that it exposes their true identities and faces, and can be a sign of trust.


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