In order to realize a dream marriage, you must be observant of creative. With creativity, you will be able to cut spending that is not too important without reducing the beautiful and special impression. Aside from that, if you’re looking for an excellent and affordable wedding venue, you can check out the Tuscan Gardens.

Here are some tips you can do to set the wedding budget:

1. Plan Your Wedding A Few Months Beforehand

When you have determined the appropriate partner, do not delay to get married. Immediately conduct serious talks related to wedding plans. Wedding plans that are designed in advance can be prepared with a steady and mature consideration. In addition, the required cost design can also begin to be well prepared.

2. Set the Timeline

Then you can make a timeline towards the wedding day and all the preparations that must be made. Arrange so that the burden does not accumulate in the days before the wedding. As much as possible the timeline also includes small things that are often forgotten. Discipline in meeting timeline targets so that the load is lighter.

3. Details on Expenditures

Often we make budgeting plans that are too general. This can actually make certain costs often missed and ultimately exceeds the budget. It is better to detail the expenses so that you can see clearly the nominal value. If you exceed the budget, you can cut costs that are not too important or work around this in other ways.

4. Check the prices diligently

You have a long time to be diligent in hunting prices. Don’t be shy to ask relatives, relatives or friends about prices. Including their experience in using vendors involved in weddings. This is very important because it will be reference data that can be used to assemble the marriage you expect.

5. Be creative

Creating to cut spending that is not too important must be done at each expenditure item. For example for matters of invitation. There is no need to allocate excess funds if the invitation that is used next is discarded and forgotten. Switch to other expenses that make an impression on invited guests. Besides invitations, attractive souvenirs do not have to be expensive, as long as they have benefits to use.


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