It’s been a routine clean the house, but how come the air inside the house is still stuffy and like dust? You should check again whether the cleaning method is optimal. Cleaning the house is not just wiping, sweeping or mopping fresh healthy carpet cleaning. These things can not guarantee good air quality in the house. Moreover, almost every day we are exposed to pollution and dirty air during our activities, do not let while in the house we have to feel the exposure to dirty air. Try cleaning the rug that you installed in the family room and leave it to Rug Cleaning Northern Beaches because it could be an air quality problem in your home that can be resolved.

Poor air quality is a form of environmental damage that is life-threatening and has the potential to affect disease conditions, especially breathing. To fight high pollution, we must take extra measures so that the air in the house remains clean. Not just sweeping, yes. To keep the air quality in the house clean, several ways must be done:

• Routinely Clean the House
How to clean the house thoroughly is to get to the corner of the house. First, broom and then mop the entire surface to the deepest part. Do not forget under the bed and the cupboard, because both places are very prone to overgrown with dust.

Clean up to the corner of the house, wipe and trim things to reduce the accumulation of dust and mold. Make sure you also routinely sort any items that are not used, for disposal. Stacking of goods in warehouses can also cause dust and dirty air.

• Open Window Every Morning
The simplest way to maintain the air quality in a house is to let free air enter the entire room. In other words, air circulation must be maintained. Open the window in the morning for several hours, making sure the sun can enter the house.

A house with good air circulation will minimize its inhabitants exposed to viruses and bacteria because air circulation and the entry of sunlight into the room can help eliminate mold and kill bacteria.

• Trash Free Houses
The rest of the food, toilet paper, and food wrappers in the trash must be diligently discarded. At least you have to throw garbage out every morning, avoid storing garbage for too long. The rest of the food is rotted, mixed with tissue and others will produce an unpleasant aroma.

Besides the smell, food scraps and droppings can invite insects and cockroaches. This is what can worsen the bad air quality at home. Because the kitchen is the main room as a source of family health, let’s make sure there are no piles of garbage so the house is always clean and fresh-scented.

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