This Is How To Design Promotional Custom Hats


Making promotional custom hats is one of the alternative promos that many people do. Starting from an individual, community or organization, to companies and government agencies. We certainly often find people wearing a hat bearing a certain company or brand logo. Or, when attending an event, we see a group of organizers wearing uniforms and hats bearing the slogan of the community. Or, ahead of the general election, we see thousands of party sympathizers wearing hats bearing their respective party logos, complete with uniform colors. When a person wears your custom hat with a promotional design, they advertise your business simply by wearing free merchandise that can look pretty and neat.

How to design attractive promotional custom hats? Please read the following information:

Look for Hat Design Inspirations on the Internet

To produce an attractive hat design, we must seek design inspiration first. One way that we can do is to look for it on the internet. We are stalking Instagram brand-branded world-famous hat or promotional hat convection that has guaranteed quality. Choose some interesting hat design images to be used as inspiration. We can apply the “observe, copy and modify” technique to the hat designs.

Choose the type and material of hat according to promotional needs

Now that you have the idea of a promotional hat design to be made, it’s time to determine the type of hat and material to be used. Do choose the type of trucker hat, baseball cap, snapback hat, drill hat, or various other types of hats. To find a clearer description of the types of hats, we can search on the internet. Of course, the selection of the type of hat we must adjust to the needs of promotion. If we need a promotional hat for sporting events, we can choose the type of baseball cap. If you want a more classic promotional hat design, you can choose the type of newsboy cap hat.

Hat Display Design through Computer Applications

We can utilize design applications on computers, such as CorelDraw. Tutorial on the use of this application we can find easily on the internet. This design process aims to get an overview of promotional hats to be made. Starting from the shape, image, and size of the hat.

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