This Is How To Choose Fishing Rods For Beginners


For beginners or just starting a hobby of fishing, of course, there is a little confusion in choosing a fishing rod because mistakes in buying fishing rods would interfere with fishing activities. Summarized from various sources, here are some tips and tricks on how to choose a good fishing rod. Buying fishing rods do not always have to be expensive, but the important thing is that it suits the fishing target. You can check out Outside Guru to find the one that suits you the most.

Here are some beginners tips for choosing a fishing rod:

Adjust the target and fishing techniques to choose a fishing rod

Because fishing techniques and fishing targets are so numerous and broad, choosing fishing rods must be adjusted to these points. Fishing rod for Jigging Technique is definitely not the same as a fishing rod for Fly Fishing Technique. Likewise, fishing in seawater is not the same as fishing in ponds or freshwater ponds.

Types of materials and composite fishing rod

Need to know the type of material from the rod and its composite, this is not absolutely necessary to know, but you need to know as a reliable angler.

The following are the types of materials and composite rods:

Fiberglass material

The characteristics of this fishing rod from fiberglass are its flexible character, from the base to the tip, and usually can be bent until you find the base and tip. This fishing rod is cheap and heavy, usually used by beginners. When a striking rod can be very curved, and this is usually preferred by novice anglers.

Carbon material

Characteristic of a fishing rod with this Carbon material, usually lightweight and less flexible. The price is more expensive than the Fiber Glass fishing rod. Its action when the strike is better than glass fiber type.

However, do not try to bend this rod until it is very curved if you do not want to break, because of the brittle Carbon material. One thing to note is that there is a careful image of lightning in its body because this type of rod is a semi-conductor or can conduct electric current. You certainly know what that means, be careful when using fishing rods with this carbon material when fishing when there are lots of lightning.

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