If all methods of finding employees are used, of course, the selection process can be lengthy. This then costs a lot of money and is not necessarily effective. In addition, candidates who go through a long and varied trial and interview process can get tired, so the results of interviews and trials may not be optimal. Such results will make decision-makers confused in choosing the candidates to be recruited. This is why most company HRs prefer to hire a trustworthy staff solutions recruitment.

Then, you can also try to follow the tips in this article to effectively screen and select employees:

Physical and Health Trials

Of course, we want to have employees who are physically and mentally healthy. In addition, health is an important requirement when it comes to work such as doctors, security, and so on.

First, a medical examination is necessary to see whether the candidate suffers from infectious diseases or substance abuse or not. A candidate fails to become a doctor if he does not pass the medical examination.

Second, we can ask candidates to do physical tests such as running, lifting weights, and so on. A candidate fails to become a security guard if he fails a physical test such as running.

Background Check

We can investigate a candidate’s background based on a history of good conduct. This is useful for example to see if the candidate has ever violated the law (reports provided by the police). Search for information through search engines such as Google or Yahoo, social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and so on. We can also contact the candidate’s home school to find information about the candidate, or contact the candidate’s previous employer.

Screening Through Curriculum Vitae (Resume)

To find the right employees, we can do a screening based on the information in the candidate’s curriculum vitae (CV). Usually, the candidate’s CV contains information about location, age, status, education level, work experience, photos, and so on. However, keep in mind that in selecting employees the curriculum vitae is not completely accurate and candidates may write incorrect information.


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