The logo design of a community must be in harmony with the character of the community itself. This is necessary to strengthen the image of the community when its members wear their jerseys or uniforms. Well, here we will share tips and examples of logo design for community jersey. Aside from that, if to order a lot of custom t-shirts we recommend you to check out a company that provides custom t shirts cheap.

Here are some tips that you can do for your community:

Automotive community

The growth of car and motorcycle users is very rapid. So it’s no wonder that the automotive community is also developing.

In line with the Automotive Brand Image

The application of color in the automotive community logo design is recommended to follow the automotive brand design language under the auspices of the community.

Modified Famous Logo Design

The wing element has a philosophy that the community is always developing and traveling around the globe. Modifications to the logo design of the leading community logos can also reinforce the image of the automotive community.

Using Distinctive Elements of the Racing World

Elements in the racing world can also be added to the community logo design. With these elements, the identity of a community as automotive lovers will be more easily recognized.

Photography community

Using Camera Themed Elements

Elements of the camera are always excellent choices. Starting from the camera itself, the lens, even elements inside the camera such as the shutter opening or better known as the shutter.

Add Photography Flow Elements

Photography has many streams that can be applied to the community jersey logo design. For example, landscape enthusiasts often use the horizon silhouette on their logo design.

Football fan community

Usually, fans of football teams will wear their team pride costume. Consider these tips so that community jersey is more interesting.

Using the Derivative Team Logo Derivation

Well, the team logo can be applied to the logo design of a team of fan communities, so it clear which team that they support.

Identity of Specific Cities

To explain the identity of the location of a community, then the landmark silhouette of the city of origin can be added to the logo design for the community jersey.


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