Even though it is luxurious and surrounded by clean interiors and exteriors, it turns out that there are some parts of the luxury boat that are a breeding ground for millions of bacteria. For those of you who are googling luxury boats for sale, you should read this article.

Cruise ships are one of the most luxurious and exclusive modes of water transportation. However, not all cruises or luxury boats routinely undergo these inspections. Here are nine parts on a cruise ship that are considered the dirtiest and most neglected:

1. Ice Machine
A recent inspection by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found ice machines to be among the most neglected items on board. This ice machine that harbors millions of bacteria has reddish-purple droplets, black debris, and pink and brown debris.

2. Beer Tap
The Health inspector found one cruise ship faucet very dirty. They reported that the faucet had a browning buildup on the inside of the dispenser. Turns out, the faucet hadn’t been cleaned in more than two months.

3. Elevator button
If you want to go up and down on the cruise ship deck, of course, use the elevator. A reporting team went on a four-day cruise to find out which parts of the ship were the cleanest. And the elevator is part of a cruise ship that has the potential to harbor millions of bacteria. This is because the lift button reaches the number 370 on the bacteria meter (more than 100 is considered a failure).

4. Lounge Chair
The report team has also tested the level of bacteria on the lounge chairs on the cruise ship. In the inspection, the lounge chair produced 773 on the bacterial meter. Twice as dirty as elevator buttons. As a solution, you can bring a tissue to clean the chair before sitting in a lounge chair on a cruise ship.

5. Food
Food on cruise ships is more likely to be contaminated with viruses when it has been unused for a long time. This is because cruise ships usually carry the concept of eating with ‘All You Can Eats’ this of course requires cooking staff to cook large amounts of food and leads to unsafe food practices.

6. Play Area
if you are sailing with your partner and children, be aware that the children’s play area can be dangerous. During inspections, one play area of ​​the ship was described as having a large toy on the floor which was dirty with dust and debris beyond a day’s accumulation.’ Not only that, but the inspector found black sediment and shimmer in the play pool and what was there.


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