Composition refers to the way the various elements in a scene are arranged within a frame. This is a rule as well as a guide for photography activities. Because without understanding composition, we will not be able to produce perfect photos. A good composition can help create a work of art from a photo. In photography, various composition techniques can help us produce aesthetic images, and several compositions are often used in the world of photography.

Here are some kinds of compositions in photography:

Rule of third

It is one of the most basic photo compositions and must be known by photographers. This rule is very easy to understand. Just need to divide the frame into 9 equal parts. This technique is very useful for forming the compositional structure of an image. Now, following the development of technology, some manufacturers offer a range of lines on the digital camera display screen to assist photographers in informing the composition of an image or photo.

Symmetry Photo Composition

This photo composition places objects and divides the photo area equal to the right and left so that it looks symmetrical. However, there are times when placing the subject in the center of the frame can make for an interesting photo. Play with symmetrical lines for a centered composition. The resulting photo usually has symmetry between parts, up and down, or right and left. An example is a photo of a bridge taken from the end of the bridge so that the right and left sides are the same.


Framing is framing the main object or Point Of Interest (POI) around other elements in the photo. One of the benefits of using framing is that the viewer’s eyes will focus on the object of the photo. In addition, framing also provides a sharp space effect on the photos we produce. In this world, there are so many objects that make the main point of a photo naturally perfect. Such as trees, gates, and caves.


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