These 5 Trivial Things Can Damage Your Car


Have a car but are upset when suddenly the car has to break down or a component is damaged? Don’t be angry just yet, maybe it happened because of your mistake. There are some trivial things that you might not think about when you have a car. Do regular checks on the car, especially if you use it every day. Be sure to use the services of mobile tyre fitting london to replace the car tires with new ones if needed. Some of these trivial things must be considered so that your car can last:

1. Ignoring the warning light
When the warning light to check the engine is on, we usually don’t pay attention because the engine feels normal and continues on its way. Immediately check the engine or can also be taken to the workshop for inspection by a mechanic. The cost of replacing components is usually cheaper than having to replace the entire system because usually if one component is damaged, it will spread to other components.

2. Rarely change fluid or filter
Fluids are needed to launch or run a machine component. Always check the fluid or filter in your car so that your car can last a long time. Radiator coolant, transmission, power steering, oil, brakes, and AC freon are examples of fluids that you should check regularly. While the oil, air, and engine filters are examples of filters that must be replaced regularly.

3. Too long not checking tires regularly
Tires that do not have enough air will affect mileage, performance, and driving safety.

4. Rarely wash the car
Cars that are rarely washed can also be the cause of damage to the car. Dust that has been attached to certain parts for a long time can cause rust which will damage the car.

5. Reckless driving
Besides being able to endanger the safety of yourself and others, reckless driving can also indirectly cause damage to the car. One example is if we often speed up and brake suddenly, the brake pads will wear out quickly or will be damaged more quickly. Another example is often breaking through speed bumps, sometimes we just breakthrough speed bumps without slowing down the car first. This can cause the suspension and tires of the car to be damaged quickly.

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