There Are Yarns Made Of Animal And Plant Fibers


Animal fiber is fiber yarn obtained from hair/fur that grows on animals such as rabbits, sheep, goats, camels, and others. Sometimes silk material is also included in the category of animal fibers, although it is actually not quite right because silk does not come from silk hair/silkworms. Apart from that, if you need to make sure that your yarn is tidy, we recommend you to use the best bobbin winder.

Some common characteristics of animal fibers are

1. Hygroscopic. Hygroscopic is a special ability possessed by animal fibers. Hygroscopic ability is the ability of animal fibers to absorb moisture as much as 30% of its weight, while still providing warmth and dryness to the skin.

2. Elastic. Animal fibers, in general, can be stretched/stretched and can return to their original size/shape after washing. But of course, this ability will disappear by itself after repeated use and washing.

3. Warm. The warmth given by animal fiber is caused by the character of the animal’s hair/fur which generally aims to warm the animal’s body.

4. It does not conduct heat or good insulation. If a product with animal fibers catches fire, this fiber will automatically go out automatically (self-extinguish).

5. The main enemy of animal fiber is insects (moths).

6. Static Electricity. This animal fiber is a magnet for dust.

7. It can cause allergies to sensitive skin. Allergies that occur are usually due to these animal fibers there is a type of substance that coats the fur which aims to maintain the warmth of the animal’s body.

On the other hand, plant fibers are fibers derived from plants such as cotton or bamboo. Some common characteristics of plant fibers are:

1. Cold to the skin. Plant fibers have general properties as opposed to animal fibers. If animal fibers provide warmth, plant fibers give skin a cool nature. Plant fibers are suitable for use in areas with hot/tropical temperatures.

2. Plant fibers also have the ability to stretch out like plant fibers but are less able to stretch back to their original size or shape.

3. Plant fiber is able to absorb sweat and does not cause allergies.

4. The main enemy of plant fibers is a fungus which can cause threads to rot.

5. The reaction to fire from this fiber is burnt out.

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