Location-based marketing has been widely used by many companies because it is more effective than placing billboards. Location-based marketing or better known as geofence is indeed fairly reliable marketing. Geofence as a particular form of digital marketing will allow companies to be able to target consumers on a better or more personal and individual level through an online and offline message based on their location. In this case, you as a business owner will have the opportunity to send a message, be it a text, discount, coupon, or another offer to your potential customers who are close to the zone you specify.

So in this case, you are presented with a great opportunity to message consumers directly on their mobile devices. The bottom line is that push notifications will get them to move closer to your business. as we can see that almost everyone is already using the internet on their smartphones, of course, this is the best opportunity for you to insert advertisements related to your business through a push notification to their smartphone. The area that you can specify in the use of geofencing is quite wide, it can be related to the country, city, or region or maybe you want to narrow your target potential customers like you only mark geofencing zones in the environment around your business.

You know to use geofencing, allows you to reach your potential customers more broadly to get them to come to your business. the effect is, of course, you can increase your profits significantly. So with people crossing the geofencing zone, they will automatically get a short message about your business and when they are interested, of course, it will be easier for them to quickly find you. This is certainly good enough for the development of your business in the future.


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