When you hear about the stock market, you must be thinking about a lot of money and big corporations. However, it’s not all about those things. The newbies are starting from the smaller investments, with less money, and the lower risk. Additionally, the stock market is actually involving more math and a little bit of gambling. Visit quotex if you want to check out the best stock trading sites. If you don’t believe the statement before, feel free to ask any expert stock trader or broker anytime. We are very sure that they will likely to give you the similar answer.

About the math

The stock market requires someone to be very good at math. The calculation needs to be done thoroughly if you want to strike the jackpot in the business. Although some people are only depending on their pure luck, it’s not recommended due to the risk will be increased as well. Be friends with numbers, and those numbers will show you which stock is good and which one is the land mine. Additionally, if you’re also good with accounting, you will increase your chance to be a good stock trader or broker significantly. As for the result, you just need to let your own luck to do the job, due to the market can be quite unpredictable sometimes.

About the gambling

Here is when the fun part begins. Even though your calculation is the foundation of the trade, your luck will determine the result. To put it bluntly, you’re starting with your own math skill and rely on your own luck in the end. That’s why you need to be good at making your own predictions. Even if you’ve got 99% chance of choosing the right stock, remember that the 1% chance of failure is still lurking in the dark corners. Therefore you should hone your instincts in order to be able to choose the stocks with the highest chances of making your profits.


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