You may often see in the mosque, there is a carpet shaped like a prayer rug as a prayer mat. But in this case you need to know that it is not only a place for prayer but also can add to the interior of the mosque. In addition, the carpet will also make people who pray more comfortable and of course will work well as a silencer. As for the problem of maintenance or cleanliness, usually it will be more left to the experts, namely special carpet cleaning services, one of which is carpet cleaning northern beaches. That way, the carpet will be thoroughly without any dirt or stains attached. You need to know that the cleanliness of the carpet in the mosque, will be quite influential on the implementation of prayer. So with the northern beaches carpet cleaning as a layer of the floor, it is clean, so the prayer will feel more comfortable.

In addition to cleanliness, the thing that needs to be considered is how to care for the carpet so that it remains durable and long-lasting. Here we present some ways to care for carpets to make them last longer. First, you have to clean the carpet regularly. In this case, for cleaning, you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove various bacteria, dust and other dirt attached to the carpet.

You can clean it with a vacuum cleaner, this is at least every day so that the dirt does not stick to the carpet for too long, where this will make people praying uncomfortable and of course it can cause illness. As for washing it, you can do it once every 1 month. Next is when your feet are still wet, do not step on the carpet immediately and you may often encounter this in various mosques.

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