In this day and age where almost all activities are carried out at home, starting from paying for electricity, paying internet bills, paying TV, making money transactions, working to studying. You are curious about the role of technology in education, then you immediately click here. We can do all that easily, namely online. We certainly cannot deny that the need for the internet and information technology in our lives is an important need to be fulfilled. Information technology has also become an important part of every business plan, almost all large or small companies are starting to understand the importance of utilizing information technology as one of the activities they need to provide improvements to the business services they manage.

As we know, now almost all businesses are diverted to online systems because they think it is much more practical and business improvement is also more focused and can experience rapid growth compared to using the old way, namely using the offline system. Of the number of companies that switch to online systems, of course, there are some basic things, one of which is the habit of people who do not like complicated things. Several reasons underlie people’s like online shopping, namely because of the various offers which will usually be provided by each online store. Starting from the offer of free shipping vouchers, cashback, promos, to discounted prices. Of course, all these offers are quite attractive for people who like shopping.

But in addition to these reasons, there are also some disappointments experienced by consumers in shopping with the online system. Among them are prices that are too expensive or prices that are not following the quality of the goods, the delivery process is slow, there is damage to the trunk, and so on. Therefore, the public is also expected to make purchases online to be more careful and wise.


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