There are various types of damage to the laptop that you should know, so you can repair your laptop when the damage occurs. Some examples of common damage are DLL problems, power problems, and problems during the boot process.

The first is the DLL problem. The missing DLL (for example “D3DX9_43.dll is missing”) is often found in applications or games when they want to run. This problem is easy to fix.

The cause:

1. You have not installed Windows system file software yet.
2. The required DLL file is missing.

You can try to install system applications that Windows needs. I can’t discuss these system files in detail, but these are the mandatory ones: DirectX, Visual c redistributable (From the old version to the newest), and Microsoft Dotnet.

In addition to the DLL problem, the laptop startup problem is quite severe damage. It means the laptop doesn’t turn itself on after the power button has been pressed.

Most causes:

Damaged components, of course.

If it can’t turn on like this, first you must try to analyze what the damage might be. The problem is that there can be batteries or there are broken internal components.

The easiest solution is taking it to a service center.

Besides the two previous problems, boot problems are also quite common in many people. A laptop that can’t boot is a type of damage that can be either mild or heavy because it can occur in the system and it can also occur due to components.

Some reasons:

1. The RAM is corrupt or unreadable
2. The hard drive is corrupt or illegible
3. The operating system (Windows) is corrupt

The Solution:

For RAM problems, try uninstalling it, then clean the pin with an eraser, then reinstalling it correctly. For hard disks, try checking in the BIOS, is it still detected or not.

However, for hard disk problems, it’s easiest to analyze it by first removing it and then trying it on another computer.


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