Who are you looking for when it comes to designing a house? Of course, most will answer the architect. However, what if you want to design a home garden? Many of us still rely on gardeners alone. Many do not even know that there is a profession that specifically manages the outside of the building, namely the landscape architect of the best Lawn Care Companies.

Why should you use the services of a landscape architect? Wouldn’t the services of a gardener be enough? This question is perhaps the most frequently asked. There are still many who think that the landscape architect profession is not so necessary. Moreover, only for home gardens or environmental gardens which are often considered as additional facilities. Like professionals in other fields, a landscape architect is responsible for what he does with a knowledge base. They don’t just design for aesthetics. The landscape architect will consider various factors, such as function, surrounding environment, soil conditions, land suitability, plant selection, risk, and various other supporting factors. These things they get through knowledge that is measured and not arbitrary. What a landscape architect designs is obtained through a site analysis first. They are trained to think of the landscape as a system, thus understanding that these environments are integrated. Through this analysis, the resulting garden design tips will be effective while still fulfilling your desire for a dream garden.

If you use non-professional services, your dream garden design may be just a replica of the garden they have made elsewhere. This is because they already have a template or plagiarized from another reference. In contrast to that, landscape architects understand that each land has its characteristics, so the resulting design will be unique and exclusive. When you consult a design with a landscape architect, they will give you the right input. Your wishes and expectations remain a priority, but you also have to be aware of things that may not go well if executed. For example, if you want to plant one type of tree right near a building, a landscape architect may advise you to choose another tree because the tree you choose has roots that will damage the construction of the building.


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