Given the importance of the need for clean water in a building, it is necessary to plan a clean water distribution system from the best plumbers in San Diego for all parts that require water with the appropriate discharge and pressure. In the design of the clean water distribution system, planning for the volume of water storage tanks and pumps is carried out with the method of estimating water use based on the number of occupants, while in planning the piping system the method of estimating the need for clean water is based on the Plumbing Equipment Load Unit. Many building designs do not have good standards in terms of planning for clean and dirty water systems, which is known as plumbing.

Plumbing is a technology for installing pipes and equipment to provide clean water with sufficient pressure and channeled to the desired place, and providing a dirty water disposal system. Overall, the installation of the plumbing system is carried out inside the building which is then connected to the final channel system related to the installation of clean water and wastewater installations. Treated water is wasted if the building does not have a good plumbing system. Even treated water can be contaminated by plumbing equipment that does not meet standards and installations that do not comply with installation standards.

Plumbing equipment and installation of plumbing systems that do not meet standards also have a negative impact and endanger people for example increased levels of lead in plumbing equipment can cause cancer and other health problems, or toxic gases from sewers can enter the building due to poor toilet/tub/sink installation, resulting in can cause respiratory problems. Water that goes through poor plumbing can spread disease.

In addition, leaks or damage to pipes can trigger asthma and allergies. Damage to the drainage system can also spread dangerous pathogens like SARS, etc. Financial losses may also result from property damage to buildings and money wasted on repairing and replacing non-standard plumbing components. These disadvantages can be avoided if you choose plumbing products that already have production standards and installation application standards, especially in the selection of pipes, there are many types and application functions used in the plumbing system.


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