One certainty in life is death. And inversely proportional to that, the thing that is never certain is the time of death. Have you ever imagined if one-day death comes, estimating your possessions? Maybe those of you who have approved the inheritance will answer to my heir. But how do you not get your inheritance when you arrive? The inheritance letter is an important thing to prepare from now on. If you are confused about what is needed then you can consult a lawyer. Make sure you choose a professional lawyer, honest and trustworthy like Haitch Legal. Several reasons make you have to prepare an inheritance or a letter of inheritance such as preventing inheritance from falling into unauthorized hands and preventing family conflict.

In this case, if there is a will, the dispute over the distribution of assets will not be a problem. Distribution of property disputes arises because there is no will. With a will, the distribution of these assets will be fairer by the existing will. If there is no will, it will trigger a dispute due to unequal distribution. Besides, without a will, assets or assets become unproductive. For example, if a husband and wife die in an accident. Then they left four children who were old enough. While they left the property in the form of 300 square meters of vacant land. Without a will, there is no legal distribution of these assets. What happens, the four children can fight each other. Although there is no agreement between the four children. The assets in question will become unproductive and just be ignored.

Besides, making a will does not mean praying for someone to die quickly. However, this will is only in anticipation. If indeed a family member has died and has made a will, the inheritance in the form of assets and others can be distributed after the mandate. This will also stabilize the economic situation of the family left behind in the future.


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