The Importance Of Physical Preparation And Stamina Before Climbing The Mountain


Mountains always offer beautiful views for climbers during the climbing trip to the top. The green natural scenery to the top above the clouds is always able to make climbers want to always go back to climbing the mountain and enjoy the beautiful panorama. To make it easier for climbers to communicate with their team, they usually use radio communication tools such as ham radio guide. You need to know that in general, every climber will always have a different experience every time he travels up the mountain. Various determinants such as different hiking trails, interactions with other climbers, and weather conditions are always a story in itself on every trip.

Mountain climbing is one of the activities favored by many, both men and women. Because more and more people enjoy this activity, it is not surprising that almost every weekend there are climbing events or joint climbing activities. It is not difficult to know why many people choose mountains as a popular alternative to holiday activities these days. Apart from looking cooler, climbing mountains has proven to be able to relieve stress and make you physically healthy. However, keep in mind that there are some things you need to prepare before climbing.

Things that need to be prepared before starting the climb is to make sure to do physical exercise with the types of important exercises before climbing the mountain at least two weeks before climbing activities. One of the physical preparations that you can do is jogging regularly. But don’t push yourself too much, if you turn out to be only able to jog 15 minutes then it’s fine, but do it regularly. It should be noted that there is a significant difference between doing physical exercise, which is to help the leg muscles become more flexible and less prone to cramps.

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