Staying at the hotel will be a pleasant experience. The hotel design is unique and photogenic, so one of the considerations in choosing a place to stay, apart from service and of course cleanliness. Most hotels provide a variety of free personal items for their guests. For someone who often stays at hotels, of course, they are familiar with the habit of wearing slippers while in the room. These slippers are not only used when leaving the room, but must be used when in the room. It turns out that using slippers in the room has its own reasons. Even though it looks luxurious and clean, wearing slippers when inside a hotel room is important because carpets are one of the dirtiest parts of a hotel. Carpets in hotel rooms are cleaned every day using a vacuum cleaner. However, the footwear that covers almost the entire floor of this room is almost never washed. For this reason, hotel owners will usually hire professional carpet services to facilitate this carpet business, one of which is like a

It would be a hassle if hotel carpets have to be washed frequently. So it is natural that the hotel manager feels it is enough to clean it from dust and other dirt with just a vacuum cleaner. Just imagine, how many feet of people have stayed in the hotel room that we occupy. Especially in times like this, we should always wear sandals when in the hotel room. You don’t need to worry because the hotel slippers in each room are always replaced with new ones.

Apart from carpets, other items that are also known to be the dirtiest are the sofa cushions or decorative pillows that are often found in hotel rooms. Since these are not used while sleeping, the pillow may be placed on the floor by hotel occupants, making it dirty.
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