The Fact About CBD And COVID-19


This research shows that higher CBD content can correlate with the limitation of viral receptors, but that is not always as simple as it sounds. Dr. Kovalchuk acknowledged that his focus was mainly on high CBD strains because “people can take higher doses and are not disturbed”, although he added that the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis with high Cannabidiol or CBD content had shown the greatest hope.

These results are interesting, of course, but they are certainly not proof, even with Dr. Kovalchuk himself, although he seems optimistic, explaining that this research is not conclusive. He stated that It takes a long time to find the active ingredients – there might be a lot.

We have softened science speaking here, but if you are interested in knowing the ins and outs, a brief outline of the results of research is available here.

Please note that this study does not state the specific strain being tested, because, as we have stated, this research is not evidence, and it does not make sense to start using this strain to combat COVID-19, at least until further information has gathered.

What does this mean?

This is a non-peer review study, which means, simply, it doesn’t mean anything at the moment. At least in terms of proving something. But what he did was ask enough questions to continue the research.

Now, it must be added that there is a certain feeling of throwing everything against the wall and seeing what sticks when it comes to finding ways to prevent or limit the risk of coronavirus (the nicotine patch is also being tested, for example, because of the suggestion that nicotine can also limit viral receptors).

This attitude is understandable, but it will likely mean there will be various stories released about the possibility that certain substances can help in the global war against this pandemic. Not all of these stories will be proven true, and it is important to give scientists time to do the research needed before jumping to any conclusions, which are tempting to do.

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