A case of dog bites is hard to win without the help of a dog bite lawyer. Hiring a lawyer for the case will increase the chance of getting compensation for everything you lost due to the attack. But before you get a lawyer to handle the case, you have to handle the situation first because here are some dangers due to dog bites.

1. Infection. Dog bites can cause injury to someone. The wound can cause an infection effect if not treated because the saliva contains many types of dangerous bacteria. Signs of infection are visible, such as redness and swelling around the bite area, heat and pain in the area around the bite, clear discharge or pus from the wound, and reddish lines appear on the arm or leg that extend from the bite wound.

2. Rabies. Some people are certainly familiar with rabies. Rabies is a disease caused by a mad dog. This disease can attack the brain and nervous system. Rabies is classified as a dangerous and deadly disease. The rabies virus can be transmitted through dog bites and scratches. Besides, rabies can attack through a person’s body wounds licked by animals infected with rabies. Symptoms of this disease, namely the body feels tired, cold body temperature, anxiety, headaches, fever, nausea and vomiting, appetite disappears, insomnia and itching in the infected area.

3. Tetanus. The mycobacterium tetani virus that enters through open wounds can cause tetanus. Signs of being attacked by tetanus after being bitten by a dog are swelling in the wound area, pain in the injured area, headache, muscle spasms, restlessness, fever, hardened stomach muscles and pain in the jaw. Anti-tetanus serum and antibiotics are drugs for tetanus. While the way to prevent it can be done with a vaccine, diphtheria-tetanus, and pertussis which is usually given to toddlers.

4. Death. In addition to the above infections and diseases, dog bites can also cause death. This is marked by the appearance of meningitis, inflammation of the brain, inflammation of the bone marrow, and infection of the heart.


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