The Consequences Of DUI


When driving drunk, your driving skills and abilities will be impaired. Besides being dangerous, there are also legal consequences that only DUI Lawyers Tampa can handle. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drunkenness is one of the contributors to road accidents. Unfortunately, there are still someones who have not been adequately enlightened about the threats and risks that creep in when they are pushed to drive a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Though serious accidents to death are one of the effects.

On this occasion, we would like to provide education about driving under the influence of alcohol, ranging from the risks, and dangers to the legal consequences that await. The hope is that more car owners and drivers will drive their vehicles responsibly.

– The bad effect of alcohol on the body while driving. When you drink liquor, the alcohol content will influence the body’s work, one of which is the nerve centers and the brain. Simply put, alcohol will affect simple motor function, reaction time, and vision. In addition, the function of balance, coordination, and sensory perception are what will be disturbed because of alcohol.

Driving while consuming alcohol will affect your ability to drive a vehicle. The above will greatly affect your skills when driving. What you need to remember is that driving requires good focus. with the influence of alcohol, it will be difficult to focus, and poor reflexes interfere with the ability to make decisions at critical times. This can result in loss of control and accidents.

– Consumption of drugs containing alcohol. Accidents and fatalities are unavoidable risks when you drive under the influence of alcohol. Not only liquor, but some drugs also contain alcohol. So, avoid driving activities when you are required to consume drugs that contain alcohol. In addition, pay close attention to the content and the recommended dosage, so you can know when it is safe to drive after taking drugs.

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