Everyone has their own perspective about things that they see or things that they use in life. People are free to decide something that they want to do about their own personal lives as well. Thus, it is really okay for everyone to buy condoms if they think that condoms can be useful for them. It is still sad to see the truth that many of teenagers are still ignoring the importance of proper sex education that they get from their teachers.

A lot of people also have their own thoughts about their sexual experiences therefore some of people tend to hide their personal sex experiences from others. Some of people who are open about their personal lives can share their sexual experiences as the good reference for others if they need it. There are also pros and cons towards the prejudice of condoms in our society because there are still few of small groups of people who reject the benefits of this best contraception on earth. Some of people also still underestimate the functions of condoms because there are still some of faults or accidents that happen to some of people even though they already use this world’s best contraception for people.

Some of people who see condoms as good contraception equipment will agree with the benefits of it. The rest who disagree about its functions will refuse to use it as their contraception equipment. There are also few of researches from some of universities that talk about the satisfaction scale of sexual activities that some of college students do with and without condoms. Some of female college students give their opinions about the level of pleasure that they have when their partners use condoms while they’re doing the sexual intercourse with each other. Some of the participants of those researches also confess that condoms can be useful to protect them from the sexual infection diseases but the rest of them think that condoms are not giving the maximum level of pleasures for them.


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